About Dr. Miller

I graduated from and trained at the University of Washington for my medical degree and OBGYN residency. Early in my career following my OBGYN training, I spent 12 years working as University of Washington faculty. I taught IUD insertion, I did research on the HPV vaccine, cervical cancer prevention, contraception, the research found on my noperiod.com website for the use of hormones for menstrual cycle suppression, while working as a generalist OBGYN for the faculty practice at Harborview Medical Center. In 2007 I switched to private practice to be more available to my family when my mother developed ovarian cancer. For 10 years I had a private practice here in Ballard as an OBGYN doctor. I will miss my patients and work but because of the death of my son I had no other choice for my well being. For years I have believed that food is medicine and what we eat makes a difference to our health. My new business and occupation will be around food in addition to promoting beezzwax.com,  a skin cream for anywhere, developed with my clinical practice.